Meet The Pros-Alitha Martinez


Meet The Pros Event
Yume and Ever by Alitha Martinez

On SEP. 29th 2022 Alitha Martinez appeared at the event she worked on DC and Marvel comics for 22 years and she created NUBIA and the Amazons.
She was presented one of her drawing samples in pencil and ink panels working on tutorial drawing explained how did she become an artist told us about her life experience that had become successful.
Ms. Martinez gave us inspiration filled with passion by telling us her life story and her family she made us laugh by telling us jokes she has an amazing personality, and she started drawing comics doing at the first time she is the first female artist to draw comics.
After the presentation was over I was really excited to talk to her I was frustrated to speak to Ms. Martinez I ask her some questions about When she started to draw and why she become a better artist? Ms. Martinez answer my questions she was also excited that when she was a child and started to draw in kindergarten for many years she found the passion that she loves her job and it keeps challenging herself to become better. I ask her sometimes my family didn’t want to become an artist because I love to draw and illustarte. Ms. Martinez also had the same issues we had she gave me the advice to keep myself busy and become successful and follow what I love to do.
I learned Ms. Alitha Martinez gave me hope to become a better artist and a person she told me to keep myself motivated.
The event was amazing I was really excited to meet Alitha Martinez she inspired me and she gave me a free comic book and book guide found page. The event was incredible.


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