Culmination Proposal

Project Description- For my culmination project I would like to design, build, and run a video system for the eSport’s Club Smash Bros Tournament. This event will be a livestream on Twitch, held at the Voorhees Theater at City Tech, on May 3rd 2019.  There will be live gameplay of Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch, for show hosts and a live audience. This show will require a video system and director in order to manage the game feed and cameras between the livestream, projector and monitors.

Methods- I will design a video system for a livestream with live cameras and a video feed from the game.  There will be a large display above the stage. The event will be recorded and streamed to Twitch, as well as sent to the monitors on stage.  Although I have built many video systems and switched cameras live, I have never called cameras with live operators. This system will have manned cameras that I will be communicating with on comm, in order to get the shots I need for the video feeds.  I will switch this show on a Tricaster and send the video feeds directly from the switcher, to the displays and livestream. The Livestream feed will be captured with a Blackmagic Shuttle and streamed via OBS to Twitch. Once I have established my system meets all requirements from the producers, I will assemble the documentation including equipment lists, pull sheets, ground plan, and system diagrams. These will be uploaded and available for the rest of the project on Google Drive for collaboration and archives. Next will be the testing phase, where I build a test system in order to check that all components are working properly.  After load in, there will be tech day where there will be full system check with the talent on stage in order to test the system and rehearse for the show. Footage will be used for my reel as well as offered for archival purposes.

Deliverables- System Design Documents-Equipment List-Poster-OpenLab Portfolio

Resources- The video equipment will be supplied by the ENT Department’s Voorhees Inventory.  Taking place in the Voorhees Theater, the majority of video equipment is in the same building. This excludes the Tricaster video switcher, located in the Namm TV Studio. The eSports Club will be supplying the Nintendo Switch video game consoles, as well as hosting preliminary rounds of the game in order to narrow down the competition to 8 players.

Budget/Calendar-This event is supported by City Tech’s Theaterworks and equipment will be supplied by the ENT department as well as the eSports Club. This event was sponsored by FOR-A, Clark Media, and Marshall Electronics.