Work, Work and more Work. April 1, 2016

A few weeks I go I stared to put together my project. I had to come up with a new strategy to work on it so I can meet my personal goal to be done with my research project before or during spring. It all depends how my personal time allows me to advance in this project. I am staring to feel nervous that I have not completed as much as I had plan, between school, work and other activities is hard at the end of the day to stay focus in moving on wit my research project, it is slow progressing but it is almost there and that is what makes me happy at the end of the day I am currently investing at least two or three hours daily and it is working hopefully if I keep up doing this for two weeks I would meet my goal that is to end my project before spring break.

putting my reasearch project together. April 07, 2016

April 07,2016

For the pass couple of weeks I have been working on my reasearch. Now that we are on April I am staring to feel the pressure on getting my reasearch paper done. It has been a bit challenging getting this project done because I did not think it was going to take as much time as it already has. So I has to make a plan I stared to work on it by parts and it has turn out pretty good the works feels a lot more lighter as well as the reasearch, uf i would have know ahead of time that that changing my topic was going to back me up so much from my due dates an reaching my plan on finishing the project I would have just have keep going working on my previous project topic. But at the same time I can not complain I am happy with my current topic ¬†“Reducing Food Waste in Landfills through Restaurants”, and it coming along. Hopefully I will be done before spring break. And half the rest of the semester stress-free ¬†as well having more time to edit my paper and work on small details that her heart cats while working on the paper. However I still have a long way in order for ¬†my paper to be done and ready for that meeting.

Changing research topic to the ideal one. February 31,2016

February 31,2016

As I picked my topic two weeks ago that was titled “How to manage food waste in restaurants”, I changed my topic AGAIN. The reason I decided to do it was because I didn’t quite felt that I was enjoying doing the research, because it was a topic that most people know about so I wanted to be my topic ¬†more complex so I decided to change the tittle of my topic “Reducing Food Waste in Landfills through Restaurants”, it a topic that people know about and comment about, but don’t do anything to better it. Another reason I choose to change my to pick was because I am becoming more aware on my daily activities and how small actions can make a difference in the future ¬†towards global warming, maybe later on my work can be reviewed as part of a new garbage disposal revolution plan and this would also be another reason why I change my topic because I want my work to be reviewed by others and not just be forgotten since there is a lot of work and time being put in. Over all I have though about it and I believe this the perfect topic for me since it something that I believe that should be done for the good of our future generations and taking care of our planet .image

Picking A Research Topic. February 18,2016





At the beginning¬†of the semester I was really exited to start my research seminar class because I was going to get a chance to basically write about anything I wanted related to¬†the hospitality industry. But now that I’m in the third week of the semester I have changed my topic twice making me feel in PANIC!!!! mode. My first topic I had in mind was ”¬†How¬†viral diseases have¬†affected Costa Rica Tourism” but it was¬†a broad topic for a ten page paper then my second topic was “Affordable local farm product in NYC for low income families ” but even though it¬†was still to big of a topic for a short research project. hopefully I will have a narrow ¬†topic by end of this week, so I can start working this paper that I want to get done with my project before April so I would not have to think about it during finals at the end of the semester.


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