Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Trip

I’m a big fan of visiting museums and I had the great fortune to visit the famous Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. This was my first visit and Bruce Mau, a highly acclaimed graphic designer, was scheduled to speak at the museum, but he had to cancel due to health issues.  The museum is usually closed at 6:30pm, but there doors were open pass that time for Bruce Mau. We were allowed to view the museum until 7:45pm since Mau cancelled. I had never heard of this museum and I was delighted to see great original work by Josef Albers, Milton Glasner, Paul Rand,( just a few of the names on display). It’s inspiring to me to see original work, especially work I seen in my graphic design text books and online. The museum itself is a work of art and the staff for most part was friendly and approachable. Would I visit this museum again in the future, yes I would and I look forward to going again soon!


Project II

Project 1 part 3

In part 3, I used the following square to create a inked pattern:


The compositon below is the inked patten of the image above. My impression of this pattern is that it resembles  ethnic tribal design pattern used on garments and as decoration.


In the composition below, the negative and postive space has been switched. Pencil was used instead of ink to complete this image.


Project 1 part 2

For part 2 of the project, I chose the following compositions to illustrate figure and ground relationship.  I approached this project with the intent to make organic shapes using cutouts from black paper. After doing this part of the project and reviewing the text again, I gained a better understanding of how negative and postive space works together in a composition. A reverse of this project was done in pencil after the four comps were completed.  The reverse is interesting and helps to build more insight regarding figure and ground relationship.







Project 1 part 1

Here are the  files used in the first part of the project one of exploring figure and ground relationship using letters in illustrator. A reverse was done in pencil for each of the original compositions. The reversals give the compositions a new look and helps to show the impact of experimenting with negative and positive space.