I finally got a taste of what I will be doing in my career but there is so much more that I want to accomplish on my path as an illustrator. Developing stories for entertainment purposes is one thing but to inspire those around me to improve themselves is something very rewarding. I plan on working with Kendall more throughout the year into helping him get more projects done along with my help. Thank you all for seeing my progress.

Thoughts And Outcome

Working with Gideon Kendall has helped me to push myself and to keep me motivated as an artist to strive for greatness and communicating with the audience is a big step for an artist. Deciding how I can execute my plan and seeing others analyze my compositions will help me see what I could do better and improve and this has been a strong method throughout the Internship 2018 Summer Semester.

End Of The Summer Semester

In the fourth week me and Kendall were working on Mega Ghost the entirety of the end of June and the beginning of July. There are 28 pages that have to be done before Friday 13th. The due date was supposedly July 4th but Kendall talked with the publisher and decided to give us extra time. Overall, the experience working with a professional illustrator was great and the knowledge that was dropped on me was very helpful into letting me know what I’m getting into. I am looking forward into starting my career as an illustrator when I graduate. Wish me luck.

Near The End

In the third and fourth week there were two comics we started to work on which were, Doom Mates and Mega Ghost. Since I was getting more comfortable and familiar with what I had to get done I was having a lot of fun with the pages rather than praying for the comics to be finished. I was done with the flattening and coloring of Doom Mates in a few days and for Mega Ghost is going to take a bit longer to finish.

Third Week

In the beginning of the third week we worked on another story, The Ogre’s Dinner. The same methods were used for these few pages of the comic’s concept art. The time working on the comic was quick and we were done in two days. There were no due dates for this comic so I took my time flattening and coloring the subjects in the comic along with Kendall’s help.

Second Week

During the second week me and Kendall were working on the comic Eddie & Squid: Return From the Grave. Flattening the subjects in each panel was tedious but that is how each of the pages should be depending on the amount of subjects. Altogether, the work load is very fun and disciplines me with time and patience. Working with the Cintiq is what a lot of illustrators are doing these days so I’m living the life taking baby steps.

First Day

The first day of my internship was cut short because I did not bring my laptop but that was okay since it was just an introduction. I was working with a small wireless wacom tablet that I had purchased for two weeks, then I converted over to using his old model of the cintiq. It gets the job done a lot faster and there is much more space to move around freely. My role as an illustration intern is to communicate with how well the composition of each page looks as far as the use of color, organization, detail, etc. Making sure each page is done before the punlisher’s deadline is one of the more important tasks.

First Week At The Illustration Internship

I gained the position of my illustration internship by Professor Eli. I asked him during the last few weeks of class if his friend, Gideon Kendall, a professional illustrator, if I can intern for him. I met Kendall at Mocca Fest, a two day event for illustrators to come and present and sell their work during spring break. Throughout the month working with Kendall at his home office I am really enjoying everything that he is teaching me from working with the Cintiq, using Photoshop to work with pages of comics and to meet deadlines. All of the finished pages that he has provided for me to work with have been submitted before the due dates. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Not everybody can get the job done alone and it is better to have people work beside you when tough tasks come knocking on the door.