restaurants and tipping

It was interesting to research Danny Meyers. to find that he has so many business ventures and was unable to pay his staff a substantial amount of money was shocking. Being the CEO of union square hospitality group and founding shake shack, I would think that he is in a stable position financially.  To remove tipping and hike up the menu items seems a bit off to me, but its what he feels is necessary. Although, the people that eat at his restaurants are able to afford those prices, I feel its only a matter of time before it makes a few of his establishments close down. As much as New York has a rich environment, it is still declining and has a higher population of low income people.

Tipping for service

Many people believe that  servers give good service for someone that the think will tip well. I find that hard to believe. you never know how wealthy a person is or if they are tight handed with money before they pay. How can you say “oh this guy looks like a big tipper” then work hard for a tip? you never truly know until after you’ve served someone. I’ve worked for a catering hall, and gotten no tips for days at a time. I still gave excellent service, and had an amazing time doing it. Its the customers that make you happy and want to do your job. I met amazing people and heard fantastic stories.


choosing a topic was super hard, but I chose tipping, because I love to eat. when I go to a restaurant or something, I never really know how much to leave. its not that I don’t want to leave too much but I don’t want to leave too little, because I know how it is when your a server working for low pay.  One time I went to Applebee’s and I sat at the bar with my friends. we all ordered drinks, and I got a dessert. The only time I saw my waitress was when she took our order, and when she brought us the bill. we felt as though she was just blatantly ignoring us. I knew at that point I was not going to leave any tip, because she had no clue if I was going to order more or not. she just brought the bill and walked away. Needless to say I paid and no tip was left for her.


Bing a student, and also a worker in the hospitality industry, I found the laws on tipping interesting. I feel as though the ideas of restaurateur Danny Meyer to be troublesome.  Danny Meyer feels as though tipping should be removed from restaurants, because it is unfair to all workers. I completely agree with his issues, but his methods to change this issue are problematic to me. It would create menu Items to become more costly.