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ADV1100 : Aural Topographies : Visualizing Sound

I started listening to some hip-hop for this project. I listened to four songs: Nas – I gave you power, ATCQ – Find a way, Drake – 305 to my city, Drake – the Language. With I gave you power, it was a very smooth rhythm with hard hitting drums. So I drew out a smooth wave-like drawing, but added some spikes throughout the drawing for the drums.

For ATCQ – Find a way, this is also a very smooth song, however the drum pattern is very aggressive and direct. So I didn’t draw out as much waves as before, but more spikes and thicker lines.

For 305 to my city, it’s somewhere neutral. There’s singing and variations in the song, so that’s what I showed in my drawing. I added several different lines with different thicknesses. Also, I drew different types of waves.

For the Language, this was the most intense song in terms of variation and drums. The drums build up in the song, so they start simple and become complex and varied with more bass. In my drawing I did a slow build up and then I added spikes and variations towards the middle to the end.

ADV1100 : View from My Window : Research

When I see outside my bedroom window I see several other apartments and houses. I also see a few trees. On the right corner is the laundromat, it looks old and worn down. There’s always people going in and out of that place, and there’s always people hanging out outside my apartment. There’s a huge apartment right in front of mine which blocks the sun sometimes, it didn’t used to be like this. It was just built around two years ago, it’s a fairly new building.

Looking at the street, there’s some cars parked. There’s not so many people out at this particular moment, just a couple. The scenery looks somewhat calm, nothing is really going on. The sky is getting dark and it’s about to become night.