ARCH2205/AS01/Grand Central Terminal by reading Wikipedia

Remember or imagine the moment that you are arriving in New York for the first time. You must be surprised at seeing many people more than where you come from. The first place you get to is always a terminal. And I believe that those terminals affect to your impression of New York. One of the terminals that can give you a huge impression is Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal is located in the Midtown East of Manhattan, on 42nd street and Park Avenue. The original building was built and opened in 1871, and it was rebuilt in 1913, by Reed & Stem, Warren & Wetmore*1. Since then, everyday thousands of people use the terminal to transport for their work, for their daily life or for sightseeing. The terminal services Metro North Railroad and MTA subway, and it has 44 platforms*1. The main concourse is one of the most famous sightseeing spots for tourists. It has a high ceiling with beautiful green color decorated with astronomical paintings.



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