Cooper Hewitt Museum

When I went to the Cooper Museum one thing I found really interesting was  the room that allowed you to draw anything you wanted and it would show up on the screen and you could adjust it to your liking. But I just found it to be different and the most abnormal and unexpected thing to see in the museum so that’s why I found it to be the most interesting thing I saw in the museum.


Welcome to my portfolio! My name is  Milan and I major in graphic design, initially it was just a random major that my cousin recommended to me and it turned out that this is something I could truly relate to. Hopefully you will enjoy some of the stuff I post like and hopefully at the end of this semester I will leave this class with a great amount of knowledge as it brings me closer to my goal. I will mostly be posting pictures of stuff I did in class as well as things I see in life that interest me.

A City Tech OpenLab ePortfolio