Fall 2016

IS 9010 – Internship Study

With Professor Patrick Corbett

ENG 4900 or the Internship Study is a class which focuses on students completion of a 120-hour on-site internship related to professional and technical writing in a supportive academic setting. The focus of course is based on individual meetings that target criteria that helps students to further discuss their desired career professionalization along with creating and curating materials that is presented in an e-portfolio which can be shown to potential employers.  Click the link below to see my internship experience with Brooklyn’s Small Business Development Center.

Spring 2016

ENG 3790 – Information Architecture

With Professor Patrick Corbett

Information Architecture as described is a theory and practice-based course which provides students with concepts and practices of information architecture such as organization, labeling, navigation, and metadata. I was able to practice these concepts through studying how humans and places whether physical or digital interact. Click the link below to see how I  redesigned the Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) lab to create a space which maximizes the informational architecture for PTW students and other users of the lab.

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ENG 3760 – Digital Storytelling

With Professor Jason Ellis

Digital Storytelling is a deeply immersive class which throws PTW students right into the heart of digital environments. As a student in the Digital Storytelling class I was able to learn how to identify common elements of digital stories and then use these elements to create my own digital story in both an individual and collaborative setting. Students were also given the tools and documentation to analyze how storytellers use digital tools, platforms, and interfaces to add interactivity and participation to narratives. Click the link below to view, read, and play an interactive educational story which my classmates  and I designed, researched, and curated for grade school students to explore monuments of New York City from the comforts of their classroom.

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ENG 1133 – Specialized Communication for Technology Students

With Professor Patrick Corbett

Specialized Communication for Technology Students as expressed is a class which enables students to preform academic as well as an occupational writing such as lab reports and bids, proposals, resumes, and cover letters. As a Professional and Technical writing student in this class,  I was able to pin point key components of these types of documents and create some of my very own. Click the link below to view my final class project which entailed creating a business proposal based on a product or idea we had to create ourselves.

Roof-top Water Condensation Basin final draft