Course Semester Experience

    Course Experience

  My experience as a designer has grown and expanded my perspective of the field this semester.  My class experience has enabled me too visually and take in more knowledge of the field.  The approach of the given projects has progressed me to think more critically and improve on my skills.

¬† ¬†In class experience has showed me how to improve and how the design field works. ¬†While in class I have been amazed on how design works in a magazine and why they design¬†them the way they do, An example is how in one set of pages the background is black and the¬†main focal point which is the product or message is a high value contrast, getting the consumer¬†to focus on the product; ‚Äúthus form follows function‚ÄĚ. One more example,¬†when advertising¬†products like jewelry or clothing, the model is not being fully shown, just once more the main¬†product that‚Äôs being advertised.¬† I understand from this example because the idea is to not only¬†to make a nice design; but to avoid too many elements that do not focus on the product to¬†be shown to the consumer.¬† Learning not to use any kind of distraction such as TV, Music¬†players, or any other devices, have helped me to become more focused with my given¬†projects and create improved results.¬† Discussing projects issues in class with both¬†classmates. and the professor, have expanded my knowledge of how to tackle the approach of¬†the assignment. A Brief example, was an understanding on developing how to use the pigma Band ¬†prisma pens for the black and white projects; and learning how to layer the shape to¬†acquire a flat surface. Working with Gouache is another great experience, I learned to¬†understand the difference in color tones and also learned some mixture of colors sometimes¬†require more than 2 to make a specific color or tone of a color.¬† Another important factor was¬†learning a new set of vocabulary in the classroom, such as asymmetrical, radial balance, and¬†Rhythm; thus professional words that we will use in the field.¬† One of the most important¬†lessons I have learn in class was how to present myself and my work to a group of individuals,¬†the experience made me feel as if I was in a actual Project Presentation to a board or a client. ¬†A¬†final example of my class experience was sharing ideas and techniques among¬†fellow classmates.

  The projects given to me have reshape in my perception on the way a design functions and improving on my draftsmen ship.  To begin I have learn the difference between a 32 and a 16th of an inch, same time taking note that all sketch pads regardless of company, measurements are never exact due to their cutting equipment.  During the semester I have tried several ways to make the lines on the Bristol pad and have improved on them.  Example, measuring the margins from the top and side margins ends of the page to make the alignments perfectly straight.  I have discovered an alternate way when using certain tools for the project, for example we are to use the white tape for our gouache, it has come to my attention that the use of Frog Tape which is another type of painters tape has been more effective and has proved better results for sharp lines and corners for the projects.  My focus towards the draftsmanship has improved very well, one good example is when using the pigma pen and the ruler as a guide to make the perfect lines of the shapes.  I find that it is a great opportunity for us students to figure out and make our own decision’s for the given projects; and that we are learning decision making on each of the projects.

  In conclusion I find that the experience overall in the semester has made a massive improvement to my skills and understanding of the design field.  The experience that i have learn in the class room lectures have prepared me to understand visually and mentally of how the design field works.  The experience from given projects has had a great influence and shown me a new kind of perspective and draftsmanship towards my skills.


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