From chapter 10 of Fundamentals of Building Construction I have learned about three types of masonry walls which are composite masonry wall, cavity wall, and load bearing masonry wall. The composite masonry wall use different types of concrete masonry in different parts of the wall. This is effectively method to increase capacity where needed and allows the use of weaker bricks where the forces are not strong. Cavity wall was the most interesting type of the three walls types as it consists of two wythes of masonry units that are separated by a thin airspace. By using this method the interior wythe is bearing all the loads so the exterior wythe can be built by smaller and more decorative bricks. The space between the wythes helps to insulate the building as well helps keep the water away from the interior of the building. Loadbearing masonry walls, are usually thick walls that are carrying the loads from the building. These type of wall can be also reinforced with steel rods to increase its capacity, and post tensioned to increase resistance against the tensile forces.