During our last class we have visited Federal Hall once again however this time to concentrate more deeply on the elevations and longitudinal section through the rotunda. Unfortunately, because of the harsh weather we were not able to draw the elevations, so we have spent more time on sketching the section. As the Federal Hall contains many complex shapes as vaults and arches and it was difficult for me to start drawing the section. At the beginning I started drawing from the stairs as this part was the easiest for me to understand and I, however that was a mistake as I did not properly set up my drawing and when i got to the part where the section is cutting through the rotunda I was not able to fit my drawing, so I started drawing again. The most difficult part of the section drawing for me was to draw the beginning of rotunda as it is circular and I could not see how it would look in section.  The second drawing exercise was also very valuable for me as I was able to learn how the stone masonry relate to the other elements as the door, and understand the proportions.