Reading 2 talks about how stairs and exits are a crucial part of constructing a building. These are the main elements that provide safety and a way to get to the safety. Without these people would get hurt and injured. In the reading, Cheng talk about building codes which specify the fire resistance rating. These codes are either materials, systems, or special odes that tell us a the rules and regulations. This is important to know because this is part of the structure of a building. Your job is to understand and learn all this information because the architect is the designer and builder of the building, therefor he/she would be responsible for any occurrences. The discussion talked about various exit types which are crucial to understand such as corridor exits, stairway-lead exits, doors, smoke proof enclosures, and ventilated rooms. This is part of lefty rules and regulations for a building. I learned about the building codes and how they apply to the stairs being designed as well. The term egress came to attention as well because is your way of safety and your way of exit. Without the understanding of egress, then there is no understanding about the structure of stairs. i learned about tread and risers which interact with one another to understand the dimensions of the stairs. That also affects the slope, the length, the width,and the design structure. Cheng also discusses that there will always be once less tread the then number of risers in any instance. Risers, and treads are required for safety and fire rules and regulations. Overall i have gotten a more deeper understanding of the text and what Cheng is was portraying.