In reading #2, we’ve discussed stairs and Egress. In egress the focus was on the safety of the people inside and how they are able to exit the building in a clear and orderly fashion. Ching talks about three purposes of an exit, such as exit access, exits and exit discharge. Exit access is a simple way to get from one room to the nearest exit without any in its way like doors. Exits give accessibility and keep people safe when they are on there way to the exit this is commonly known as stairways. Stair ways are supposed to keep the people safe by having fire resistant walls and enough space for people to go down the stairs. Finally Exit Discharge is a safe exit for the people when they get out usually leading to a very public place outdoors.

Stairs is also a big part of keeping people safe and leading them to the exit. The stairs are made based on the proportion of the human body and are distinguished by tread and rise. Another thing is that these stairs need to have handrails and guardrails to make it safer for people not to fall.