The Red Hook Winery Presentation

I hope everyone enjoyed this presentation as much as I did. It was a wonderful experience. The entire project was a great opportunity to learn how work with a client looks like in the real world, when we had specific tasks and set deadlines, but still to be guided by professor throughout the process.  I liked working as a team, because it was a motivation to execute good drawings knowing it was not only for me.

The presentation itself went good. I was a little nervous since my drawing was opening the presentation, but I believe all the information I provided the owner with was clear and necessary, and all his questions were answered. It was pleasure to see that he liked our proposal, and hopefully he will use it.

In general, I am glad to have this project on my portfolio and resume, so I would like to thank the entire team, we did a good job. And thank you, professor Montgomery, for putting together the whole set, it was nice to see our names on the front page. It was a prove, that hard work is always being rewarded.

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