Red Hook Winery Reflection

Hello everyone. I really enjoyed the presentation we had as a class at the Red Hook Winery. It was really my first presentation ever. At first I was a little nervous because I didn’t wanna let any of my class mates down but eventually I picked up the flow and went along with some help from Professor Montgomery and Yael finished it off. It was a wonderful experience. I think we could’ve done better if we had more time but we executed the plan. This was a very good learning experience because thats what were going to be doing in the future. Presenting our project to our clients and explaining detail by detail. Even though it was a hassle getting there, both times we went there as a class it was a beautiful day out. Im glad Professor Montgomery took us to a wonderful experience. Hopefully the owners of the winery look at what we worked on and they are secure for when the next storm hits.  I also want to thank Sherwin for the snacks. Have a happy HOLIDAYS everyone, hope to see you sometime soon 🙂

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