Professors Montgomery and Phillip

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Before taking this course I thought it was strictly an Architectural course based on the reviews from classmates that took the course before, therefore I was excited to see what new knowledge and skills I would gain. On the first day of class, we were told that our class would be a combination of multiple professors, Prof. Jason Montgomery who I was already familiar with from the Architectural Department and Prof. Susan Phillips from the Hospitality Department. I suddenly became worried because of my experience with having two different professors teaching the same course, what made me more worried was this time both professors were from different departments. I automatically assumed that this class would be difficult.  Well, I was wrong. The material that both professors taught in class as well as how it was taught, taught me so much inside the classroom as well outside the classroom. I’ve lived in this country for eleven years now and did not know the history of my neighborhood nor the history of downtown Brooklyn a place where I spend most of my days; therefore, I must say that this course is one of the best courses I’ve taken at the New York City College of Technology,  I say this not only because of how much I’ve learned but because of how well each professor communicates and help each student with what they were struggling with, this made us as a class felt comfortable not only with each professor but with our classmates as well.