Professors Montgomery and Phillip

Author: Wilnny

Architectural walk around – Wilnny & Tahir

This trip was different from the other one we did before. In this trip we focused more on the architecture of the buildings.  We were able to see the difference between old and modern buildings. There is a big difference between the two of them, the old building were more unique, you could see details and different type of design. This is important because these details require more people, work, and more money to be done, for example in the Offerman building which was built in the  1890 you could see the unique design with the arches and the windows between each store, when in the other hand the modern buildings require less labor to be done and is cheaper. The one problem you could see with modern building is that most of them is that they are not unique, most of them look the same. Similar designs and similar materials are used in the modern building we have today. We also practice more on the observation skill by doing voice memos and analyzing metro tech on how people move, the idea behind how it was built and more.

Trip on Wednesday Reflection – Wilnny & Tahir

The trip that we had the last Wednesday was similar to the neighborhood analysis presentation.  During the trip we practice the voice memos, taking pictures, mapping etc. This was important because the more we practice, the more we going to improve,  also practicing the voice memos more made me feel more confident.  Throughout the trip we compared two maps of Brooklyn, one from 1994 and the other one from 2019. This was important because we learned how Brooklyn has changed during the past years, I was able to see how  Brooklyn focus more on streets, and cars back in 1994. There I was able to see the lack of public places, there was no place for people to socialize only streets and buildings, but in the 2019 map we see a big difference. There were more public places and more focus on pedestrians, is not perfect, but compared to 1994 is a big improvement. I believe that Brooklyn still need more public places and more focus on pedestrians, for example, the sidewalks in the city tech campus are to narrow.

Reflection on Neighborhood Analysis Assignment

The neighborhood analysis presentation was a little different from the other presentation I have done before. This one included voice memos, at first I did not like the idea of doing voice memos because most of the times I don’t even know what to say and I don’t want people to look at me like I’m crazy, it was really uncomfortable me, but after I saw all the other presentation form the others students I saw why it was important to have it. The voice memos help the audience to feel like they are in that specific place and have a better view of the place, but I still don’t like them because the make me feel uncomfortable. This assignment also help me to know more about my neighborhood more. I was able to know the history of it, how it was created, land use, etc. Overall the neighborhood analysis presentation help me to improve my presentation skills with the help of voice memos, get to know my neighborhood more and learned how to map places using different tools like NYC Oasis.