Professors Montgomery and Phillip

Author: Fareeha

Neighborhood Analysis Reflection

Discovering my neighborhood and the histories is very interesting to have researched. I have learned that there are underlying histories that we are unaware of until we do research. There are different dynamics that may be ignored on a daily basis as we go about our daily life and routines. I have reflected how my neighborhood was when I first moved into it twenty years ago to how it is today and parts of it has changed dramatically and other parts stayed relatively similar to how it was.

I discovered a clock tower in my neighborhood that has been built in the early 1800’s which was very fascinating to me and amazing that a structure of hundreds of years still stands today. I also realized that my neighborhood has updated train stations compared to other neighborhoods and it was rebuilt in 2015 which was very recent. Looking into my neighborhood in more detail has allowed me to become more aware of the different dynamics as I am going about my routines. I have been paying more attention to the amounts of people in my neighborhood, the traffic flows, the different stores and businesses around that are very convenient, the travel from one useful area to another, etc.

I am very comfortable in my neighborhood as I have been residing here for the past 20 years which is majority of my life. I have noticed that the crime rates went up and it has made me become more cautious of where I am going and to be more aware. There are so many different ways to observe a neighborhood and I am glad to have done this assignment because it has taught me a lot about my neighborhood and how it has evolved over time. I think it is a great lesson and it is good to be aware of what places used to be and the struggles and successes of it becoming what it is today.