During this trip, we compared two maps, both, old and new that covered the premises of MetroTech and its surroundings. We were able to analyze some Signiant changes within the map and the physical tour of Metro-Tech from 1924 till today. Based on the map we were able to conclude that the redevelopment of the area has impacted some Signiant streets like Tillary Street, Flatbush Ave, and Myrtle St. Tillary St., which runs both east to west has expanded into a two-way traffic road. As we proceeded our scavenger hunt towards the south eastern side of Tillary St. and then south, through the back of the City Tech’s new building, we discovered that the street adjacent to polytechnic high school, was shorten by Metro Tech’s loading dock. Flatbush appeared to have impact on modified surroundings areas that runs parallel to it. Some properties no longer exist because of the expansion of the street                                                                                                                                    We also took noticed of the public seating incorporated into a busy Flatbush Ave, not being utilized by the public because of the noise and exposure to pollution. We observed new buildings under construction towards Willoughby street, add to a more post-modern look of architecture around the area. As we made our way into Myrtle Square inside MetroTech, we analyzed that the old map shows Myrtle street running freely, east to west, whiles the new map and physical visual experience  shows Myrtle street ending at Myrtle square.