I really didn’t know what to expect my first day of Learning Places class.  I said to myself  “Understanding the City”, ok I can work with this, then I heard the word Architecture, and suddenly I wasn’t too sure anymore.   I was aware of the Architecture Major students in class and now I’m thinking ” those architecture students got one up on me, should I stay? or maybe leave and try again another time.   I was unaware that WAS my time, and I’m so happy I stayed.  Starting off with taking daily tours of the Downtown, Metro-tech area I gradually started to get a glimpse of what direction the Professors were trying to go with the class.  Then, moving forward with the Case study neighborhood Analysis of my neighborhood was like unveiling important facets of researched facts about my neighborhood that was always right there in front of me, but now uncovered.  Honestly I’ll never look at my neighborhood the same because of this class, let alone the Brooklyn Downtown , Metro-Tech areas. My vision is clear to the information, insight, and  knowledge in reference to these places since taking this class.  Both Professor Montgomery, and Professor Phillips with their diverse style of teaching the class made me want to push myself, and dig further into my research assignments.

The support of my team partner, and then having support from now a team of four, it felt real good to see how everything had come together, made sense, and was connected.  It made me reflect after leaving class that everything I’ve experienced up to this point made sense. The feelings of the unknown in the beginning, the challenges along the way,the jokes and in class wise-cracks, and in the end the completion of hand claps of support from my classmates. Even how we made each other smile and laugh.  As I stated before I really didn’t know what to expect my first day of starting class, but I took a chance and I stayed for the duration and because of this I’ve learned things that I would not have probably known otherwise. Factual knowledge that I can share with others,and that can also be in my opinion a good conversation piece, lol. In the end, I’m so happy I stayed. What a good feeling.