We live in a fast paced world not realizing the changes around us. When we have so little time for anything, we don’t even stop for a second to read what is says on a monument.  We all say we care about the world but we can’t be bothered to know what makes our neighborhood the place it is today.

Recently I did a project analyzing my neighborhood and it made me aware that there is more to my neighborhood than its streets. I had to do research to understand the architecture of the buildings and the history of the town I live in. Doing so gave me a totally different perspective of the places I walk by every day.

During my research, I used a combination of resources. I started mapping the key features of my town. With the help of Google Maps and Google Earth, I was able to get a clear bird’s eye view of my town. This made it easy to see the boundaries of my neighborhood. Now it is obvious to me that what I consider my neighborhood boundary is different than what really it is. This is determined by so many factors, such as places I go for shopping and streets where I take public transportation.

I continued my research by walking around the neighborhood to see different landmarks, observe different gathering spots and find historic monuments. This part of my research was very enjoyable. Now I know why these places are important and what they mean to the people who lived here generation after generation.

Lastly, I did a voice memo while recording my surroundings on camera. I was on one of the busiest streets when I did the recording.  This was very informative to see what the neighborhood looks like.

I learned a lot about my neighborhood after completing my research. This was a great experience. Now I feel more connected to where I live. Also doing this project taught me how to be a better observer and will help me on my future research projects.