Assignment 11







1. Mike our hero enters the store.
(establishing shot)
2. Mikes walks through the aisles and is amazed with all the different kinds of art supplies.
(camera is in 1 point perspective shot of the aisle)
3. Mike picks up a handful of pencils and wonders.
(camera zooms out for dream bubble)
4. Mike wonders what if he was a renaissance artist with the oil paint in his hands?
(camera zooms out for dream bubble)
5. Mike wonders again but if he was a graffiti artist with the spray paint in his hand.
(camera zooms out for dream bubble)
6. Mike then ends at the cash register with a bag of supplies from Blick art material.
(camera zooms in on bag being handed over to mike)

Assignment 6b


The mood of this image is suspenseful because of the diagonal angle the camera is being held. How the lighting is hitting the mans face underneath him seems to give him power and more focus. Over the man closest to the camera and the shot is an over the shoulder giving more attention of the man in focus. I’ve noticed there are 3 light sources, a key, fill and background light. Which all are facing the man. Overall the shot composition is very well done and has many elements contributing other than a gun in the mans hand.

Progression of digital and traditional illustration.