Meily Gomez's ePortfolio

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” ― Socrates

Welcome to my e-portfolio!



 My name is Meily Gomez.  I was born in the warm weather of Dominican Republic. I immigrated to the U.S. in 2010, and started working as dental assistant the same year.

 I have been exposed to all aspects of dentistry, which made me fall in love with everything about this field. As I started working, I quickly adapted and learned my responsibility as dental assistant. Over the past five years  I have obtained certifications, and with them a loy of knowledge on Oral Myofucntional therapy, Medical coding 
and billing, Sleep disorders and TMD screening.

 In 2014 I applied for dental hygiene program at NYCCT and in the same year I started taking my prerequisite courses. In 2015 I got accepted into the Dental Hygiene program. 
That’s how my long journey has started. This intense educational program has allowed me to improve my  professional capabilities and daily routine.

 During the past two years have learned  to manage different patients and work with colleagues from different backgrounds. 
The faculty at NYCCT inspired me to become a better caregiver, professional and human being because preventive care is the best tool and method we can teach our patients to avoid the onset of any concerns.

 It has being a great experience and opportunity to be student of Dental Hygiene Program. I am really proud to be called a member this dental professional team.