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My name is Tyrah George, and I am 17 years old. I major in hospitality management at City Tech College. Since starting my semester at City Tech, I have been thinking about how I am gonna gain proper experience while I’m in college to be able to properly use my degree once I’ve obtained it. Currently I am on track to receiving my bachelors degree, and I hope this is a plan I see through. In the future I see myself becoming a chef, eventually leading to me owning a restaurant. At the moment I have no experience inside of an actual restaurant kitchen, but I do practice at home. I’ve been trying to look for places to start my journey, although I am convinced I’m not looking hard enough. I’m a great listener, strong communicator, Leader, and good at multitasking. Those are good qualities to have going into the hospitality industry, because people are going to constantly look to you to lead and give them direct answers. A hobby I have is that I love writing poetry. One of my favorite stanzas from a poem I’ve written is…

“Love me or hate me I don’t care
I’ve come far without you didn’t need you here
It’s like a bike climbed the highest mountain with no surrounding
Or the birds drinking water without a grounded fountain”- Tyrah George

It’s one of my favorites because it symbolizes doing the impossible.

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This site is for the HMGT 1101 HMGT 1102 ENG 1101 First Year Learning Community in Fall 2021.

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FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Welcome to the First Year Learning Communities Open Lab project page. If you are interested in joining the Reflective Writing Project or just learning more about events, resources and information related to the FYLCs at City Tech please request membership!

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