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Human Services

– Currently pursuing my degree in Human services with hopes of becoming a High School guidance counselor.
– Devoted Christian, extremely active church leader. Most of my free time is spent in my church office or at home preparing to teach classes, conduct meetings.
– I love to read and write randomly. I enjoy travelling and family time.
– Definitely believe that my only limitations are the ones I place on myself.

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SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

SPE 1330 (Effective Speaking) is designed to achieve two broad aims. First, we seek to advance your knowledge of the public speaking process. We will accomplish this aim through a combination of written assignments that are designed to prepare you for public speaking situations. Second, the course is designed to strengthen your skills as a speaker. Your skills will be advanced through the active participation in a series of speaking assignments. Your skills and knowledge will grow as the semester unfolds. As a part of this process, you should begin to develop a positive attitude toward public speaking and your skills as a speaker. Following the completion of the course, we encourage you to build on your understanding of the public speaking process so that you can continue to develop as a speaker.

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