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My name is Tara, I,m currently pursuing a degree in Communication Design.
my intention for studying this major comes from a background of me studying computer science in Sharif University in my home town and being a Fashion Designer with some rewards and having my own Maison in my hometown + the background of selling my designs in Istanbul and Dubai
and right now I,m very excited of studying COMD where Technology meets Art that I think it really fits my personality

I also have a background in Crypto projects and NFT projects and I worked with some American or some other international companies as an ambassador or core team member or community manager so I always have a look in learning Animation or any other software that probably have my own Designed NFT Project in future too

in past Two years I was active in Women Empowerment area , so I’m always ready to pass the knowledge and skills I get at the College to other women around the world to courage them and empower them with more skills and knowledges….

and I’m pretty sure my artistic personality will finds her way in this amazing College and at the end i will make some of my dreams come true here….

thank you for reading my story


My Courses

COMD1112 Digital Media Goetz Spring 2023

COMD1112 Digital Media Goetz Spring 2023

This course introduces students to core concepts in the graphic communications field including typography, color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students will complete three pages of their own ePortfolio web site. Lectures will provide students with a historical perspective of the graphic communications field as well as discussing current practices and future trends.

ComD 1162 Raster & Vector Graphics

ComD 1162 Raster & Vector Graphics

Students can learn concepts and applied theories of digital art in the two fundamental forms: raster and vector graphics. Coursework will define and describe similar and contrasting factors in each kind of image. The comparison will also recommend the best practice, specification or standard for using a specific form in a specific application. The course will include basic digital imaging terminology and techniques including measurements, size, resolution, file elements, file formats and color space.

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VR & AI Club

VR & AI Club

The Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence (VR & AI) Club at NYCCT seeks to explore the interdisciplinary practices and applications involving Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, including Mechatronics, Robotics, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, and Embedded systems, as well as the social, psychological and political implications of such.