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Bio1101 LC06 FA2019

Bio1101 LC06 FA2019

Bio1101 is the introductory coarse which deals with taxonomy, genetics etc to provide students knowledge about life!

ENG1121  D438 SP2020

ENG1121 D438 SP2020

English 1121 builds upon the practices and skills that students learn in the first-semester course by reinforcing writing practices. It goes further into studies concerning discourse communities and multiple genres. Students will begin to see themselves as writers in the public eye and members of various communities, not just students writing for academic situations.

ENG1101LC33 Fall 2019

ENG1101LC33 Fall 2019

This course connects the science of Biology with the issues, problems and promises created by that science. We will explore the connection between the science of Biology and the real world issues, for example how global warming affects flooding and droughts as well as how both fields ask effective questions.

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