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One of America’s most interesting and versatile of writers is F. Scott Fitzgerald. Over the course of a highly productive career, Fitzgerald rode to fame on four novels and almost 160 stories published in the leading magazines of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Today, he is primarily remembered for his recounting of the rollicking, jazz-infused “Roaring Twenties” in his literary classic The Great Gatsby, published in 1925. As this course will demonstrate, Fitzgerald should be remembered for much more of his work, including his short stories, later novels, work in Hollywood, and the many films made of his work and life.

ENGD434, ENGD466, ENGD484, Comp 2, FA2019

ENGD434, ENGD466, ENGD484, Comp 2, FA2019

This class aims to build upon your skills as a writer, reader, thinker, research, and composer in a 21st century context. The class will practice close reading and will learn how to approach, read, think about, and compose texts from a variety of genres. We will also critically engage what it means to write about, within, and through community. The class will involve assignments that allow us to engage with many types of media and we will explore issues and problems that matter to us in our modern world. We will be able to develop our own ideas about writing that we can take with us into future academic and professional experiences. Students will engage in class discussion to strengthen critical thinking and develop the language to respond to a wide variety of texts, ideas, and societal issues. Above all, we will apply critical thinking to all of the various texts that we read, write, and compose.

ARTH1108 Art of Asia, Fall 2016

ARTH1108 Art of Asia, Fall 2016

The course explores the visual arts of Asia from prehistory to 21st century, with foremost emphasis on China and Japan, and some references to India, Korea, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Lectures will explore the representative works of painting, sculpture, architecture, calligraphy, ceramics and other crafts and decorative arts. In order to examine the historical significance of Asian art and culture from a global perspective, one lecture will be devoted to the mutual influences of Western and Chinese/Japanese art and aesthetics. Throughout our studies, a special emphasis will be given to the issues of technique and materials, socio-political conditions, art market and patronage, and religious and philosophical currents specific to each period and culture.

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