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Ink Design

Ink Design is a graphic design business.

Career Writing

Blog for ADV Career Writing

Museum of Type and Digital Design

Business Project for ENG3771: The Museum of Type and Digital Design is located in NYC and provides visual art for all audiences.

K.Padmore Learning Center

The K. Padmore Learning Center is created to help public school students reach their full potential in their academic achievements. We provide tutoring in subjects including math, science, English and history. We […]

Yanni’s Company

Yanni’s Company

Yanni’s project description! :D We do web sites.

NYC Clean UP

Make a cleaner New York City

Esco Designs

Esco Designs

Graphic design firm. Solving problems using Design.

Brooklynz Art

Brooklynz Art

We are a family of newly innovative graphic designers that are eager to create and deliver cost-effective services that will support our client’s specific needs. Our mission is to provide our client with the h […]

Conroy’s Design Company

A design company that creates logos, web design, and advertisments for clients.

Spread the Love

We are here to help the animals, those who cannot fend for themselves. We are an outlet for compassionate support from the public. With the numbers of stray and abused animals rising, we advocate for those who […]

Best Ice Cream INC

Our mission is to provide the best soft and delicious ice cream for people to release the heat from summer. The main group of consumer that they focus on is kids, kids like things that sweet, especially during the […]

Innovative Design Koncept Pros

A graphic Design firm dedicated to adhere to our customer’s ideas and produces brilliant art work