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Sugeiry Yokasta Fernandez
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Sugeiry Yokasta Fernandez
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Professional and Technical Writing
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Concentration in Fashion Technology | Minor in Hispanic Studies | Japanese Language Student



I study to design, write, review, and edit technical documents and digital projects in the fashion industry; based on client Interviews, research, and creative briefs to find the most effective approach for the target audience. While navigating modern fashion technology, and assisting companies with smooth transitions through the inevitable changes in the fashion industry. I design textile prints and create or upcycle fashion styles with vibrant eclecticism and slick minimalism.


A consistent and healthy connection with my academic, professional, and personal community is crucial. Therefore, my passion lies in communicating, collaborating, and creating with those who cross my path. I am passionate about writing and designing.


The purpose of Y o k a l l o y is to connect with many companies and clients in the fashion industry to participate in the process of individuals’ or companies’ professional tipping points. The goal is to find a company and team where I can grow and use my skills.

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Writing with New Media–Spring 2024, Professor Lestón

ENG2700 Intro to Professional and Technical Writing, Fall 2023

ENG2700 Intro to Professional and Technical Writing, Fall 2023

Writing Intensive 4 cl hrs An introductory course in effective professional and technical writing techniques and concepts. Students use digital media to communicate professional and technical information to a variety of audiences via written and oral presentations. Students also analyze a wide range of documents, study appropriate models, and practice collaborative research, writing, and presentation. Prerequisite: ENG 1121 Potential substitute for ENG 2575 for CST majors

ENG 4700, Fall 2023

ENG 4700, Fall 2023

ENG 4700, “Special Topics in PTW,” explores the real-world technical and collaborative skills needed for success in the professional and technical writing workplace. It is an advanced course in theories and practice of communication, especially for new media. This iteration of ENG 4700 will use the formation of a PTW Student Club to simulate work situations and create media artifacts that can be featured in a professional portfolio.

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PTW Club

PTW Club

The PTW Club aims to foster academic, social, and professional growth for students interested and invested in professional and technical writing. By nurturing a welcoming and engaged community, the club seeks to uphold a high standard of professionalism through internal and external communication excellence at City Tech and beyond.