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Construction Ma...|1115|Fall 2014


MAT 1375 Precalculus – Spring 2013 – Ganguli

Suman Ganguli
Mathematics|1375|Spring 2013

We will cover topics needed for calculus, focusing on algebraic and graphical approaches to functions. Topics include polynomial functions, inverse functions, radical functions, rational functions, trigonometric […]

ECON 2505, Environmental Econ, sec D-729 Spr2015

Sean MacDonald
Social Science|ECON 2505|Spring 2015

This interdisciplinary course examines current environmental issues from a macroeconomic perspective, focusing on both the long and short-term economic viability of various proposals to address current […]

CMCE 2456

CMCE 2456

Construction Ma...|2456|Spring 2012

Soil Mechanics

Calculus I

Ezra Halleck
Mathematics|Mat 1475|Spring 2013

Topics include functions, limits, differentiation, tangent lines, L’Hôpital’s Rule, integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and applications.