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EET 3120 Sensors and Instruments

Electrical and...|EET 3120

An introduction to the world of electrical and optical sensors with applications in bioengineering, environmental remote sensing fields and many more. The topics cover description of sensor […]

MAT2572ProbW/Stat, FA2015

Ezra Halleck
Mathematics|MAT 2572|Fall 2015

Topics for the course include sample spaces and probabilities, discrete distributions (Binomial, Negative Binomial, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Poisson, and Gamma), continuous distributions (Uniform, Normal, […]



Patrick Corbett
English|ENG3771|Summer 2015

Advanced Career Writing – Summer Session II – 2015

Advanced Technical Writing ENG 3773

Advanced Technical Writing ENG 3773

English|ENG 3773|Summer 2015

An advanced course in effective technical writing techniques, including traditional technical writing forms and world wide web communication. This course will have students use electronic media such as internet, […]