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Computer Engineering Technology

Hey my name is SM Bulbul, and I am studying at the City Tech college. My major is Computer Engineering and I am hoping to complete my bachelor degree.

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EMT2370 | Spring 2024 | Dr. Mendoza

EMT2370 | Spring 2024 | Dr. Mendoza

EMT 2370: Computer Hardware Systems Computer hardware systems, along with several software concepts, are studied to understand the function and relationship of the CPU, memory, and peripheral equipment. Course material is chosen for relevance to industry certification exams such as A+. The peripheral equipment includes monitors, disk drives, scanners, and printers. During laboratory exercises, computer systems, with monitor and operating system, are provided for analysis by students working in teams. However, as an option, each student can build, configure, analyze and troubleshoot his or her own IBM PC (or compatible) computer.

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