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TUE_SBS2000 Research Methods, FALL2015 SecD942

TUE_SBS2000 Research Methods, FALL2015 SecD942

An introduction to the research methodologies utilized in the social and behavioral sciences, beginning with the fundamentals of research design, through data collection, analysis, interpretation, and the final reporting of results. Both quantitative and qualitative designs are examined using software to aid in inquiry and analysis.

Web 3 – Spring 2014

Web 3 – Spring 2014

This is an intensive course in design and development of dynamic websites. The course offers a combination of theoretical and practical information on how to combine the PHP scripting language with the MySQL database to produce dynamic web content. Students are expected to have intermediate to expert skills in HTML and CSS. The goal of the course is to give students the experience of designing dynamic web content and demonstrate tasks such as generating images dynamically, sending and managing email, facilitating user discussions and managing content. The purpose is to learn a professional approach to website conceptualization and execution.

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