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ENG 092W

ENG 092W

This writing course is designed to strengthen the student’s skills as a writer by dissecting writings and readings, analyzing and composing essays, including outline, revision and proofreading. We will address all the skills required to successfully complete the CATW writing assessment examination, as well as expose students to the fundamental principles of expository writing such as development and organization, grammar and mechanics, vocabulary and precision of language that emphasize essay unity and clarity. Approximately 5-9 compositions are required, including practice CATW essay questions. Students will demonstrate the ability to present informed perspectives, articulate and support complex ideas, investigate and critique arguments and sustain focused and coherent discussions.

Eng1101 D325, SP2015

Eng1101 D325, SP2015

Course Description English Composition I is a course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques, including the use of the library. College-level readings are assigned as the basis for in-class and online discussion and for essay writing. CUNY certification in reading and writing is the prerequisite for this course. Students should expect to spend six hours per week on work for this class in addition to class time. Through discussion, reading, writing in drafts, collaborating, revising, and presenting work, students will learn to: ● Write clear and logical sentences of varied structure, using correct spelling, conventional punctuation, and correct grammar and syntax; ● Organize sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into well-developed essays that present persuasive arguments based on specific evidence; ● Draft, revise, and proofread essays of various modes of writing, including narration, description, comparison, argumentation, analysis and reflection; ● Use writing as a process of discovery, building habits of critical thinking; ● Develop a personal writing style. ● Read actively, carefully, and thoroughly, looking at details and at the piece as a whole; ● Formulate questions as part of the reading process in anticipation of class or online discussions; ● Demonstrate the ability to summarize, paraphrase, quote from, and argue with assigned readings ● Gain familiarity with online tools such as blogs, collaborative documents, online writing centers, and library research tools; ● Communicate professionally via e-mail and other online media; ● Demonstrate information fluencyβ€”the ability to find, evaluate, use, and create online resources.

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