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I am a single mother working hard to educate myself so I can have opportunities to provide for myself and my son. I chose to go into nursing because it is a profession that in order to really be satisfied with your job you must truly love what you do. I absolutely love being an RN. I have the opportunity to help,care for, teach and educate other people while developing individual relationships with my patients. I am completing my BSN here at City Tech and look forward to pursuing a MSN degree within the next few years.

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NUR 4130 Professional Nursing Practice

NUR 4130 Professional Nursing Practice

A variety of professional, historical, theoretical, ethical, and health related issues relevant to contemporary nursing are discussed. Students will use a variety of professional tools such as in-class forums to debate relevant health care issues, the resume, a portfolio, and template for a project proposal for enhancement of professional development.

Introduction to Literature: Poetry

Introduction to Literature: Poetry

This course helps students to understand poetry as expressions of human experience, in their biographical, cultural, and historical context, through discussion, analysis, and research.

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