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Sierra Atkins (SEA)
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Liberal Arts & Sciences
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Sociology, Physiology, Art History, Biology, Creative Writing, Human Services, Music History/Theory, Languages


I am pretty quiet and shy so don’t get offended if I don’t talk to you at first, I swear I’m not mean lol.
I like to help children,
I am a lover of art, music , and everything cute.
I am pretty serious about school work so bring it, I love to learn.
I can speak 10 languages but my strongest are Hindi, Spanish, and Japanese. I can only understand TWI but not speak so well.
A friend to everyone.
A church councilor, singer, and more…but im tired of typing

My Courses

ARTH 1102 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 1102 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern

Survey of Western Art from 1300 to the Present

ENG 3407, Gothic Lit, Fall 2019

ENG 3407, Gothic Lit, Fall 2019

Students critically read, analyze, and write about the popular genre of the Gothic. As represented in both literary and visual terms, in both Europe and the United States beginning in the late-18th century to today. Key concepts include horror, haunting, madness, and monsters.

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Seekers Christian Fellowship

Seekers Christian Fellowship

We are a non-denominational Christian fellowship of campus students,faculty and/or staff. Our aim is to help fellow students meet their spiritual needs in Christ through prayer, worship and bible studies. Encouraging each one to seek their own personal relationship with God, guiding and teaching also on the importance of the Bible through faith and fellowship.Open to anyone who has questions and/or wants to know more about God. For Freely we have received grace, and freely we wish to give it as well.

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