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COMD2327 D188 Typographic Design II, FA2016

COMD2327 D188 Typographic Design II, FA2016

Christine Lhowe
Communication D...|COMD 2327|Fall 2016

This course introduces a variety of basic layouts and formats, building technical and practical fluency in setting and working with type for both print and screen. This course further explores topics learned in […]

COMD 2330 Digital Photography

Communication D...|COMD 2330|Fall 2016

This course will explore the foundational concepts of light and exposure in photography. Students will develop visual literacy as well as framing and compositional skills. Students will become acquainted with a […]

ENG3771 (Sec E280): Advanced Career Writing, Spring 2015

Christopher Shannon
English|ENG3771|Spring 2015

Catalog Description: β€œAn advanced composition course emphasizing writing used in business and industry. The course will focus on business letters, memos, minutes, process papers, and reports.” English 3771, A […]

ENG2150 Women Writers Spring2014

ENG2150 Women Writers Spring2014

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|2150|Spring 2014

An introduction to women writers.

Publication Media – Fall 2012

Prof. Mary Brown
Communication D...|ADV1161|Fall 2012

Students learn basic typography and page assembly techniques including elements, measurements, fonts, settings and configurations, proof-reading mark-ups and corrections, altered file naming conventions and […]