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MTEC 1101, Emerging Media Foundations, Fall 2016

MTEC 1101, Emerging Media Foundations, Fall 2016

An introduction to interactive multimedia technology with a focus on interdisciplinary, project based, cooperative learning. Students will be immersed in the protocols and processes of the Interactive Media Technologies design process: idea development, presentation, prototyping and production, which will serve them in the face of rapid changes in technology. Students will explore basic theoretical and applied concepts of audio, visual, tactile and interaction design through creative group projects, visiting professionals and on-line documentation of their work. Pre- or corequisites: MTEC 1001, CST 1101 Image Source: The Verge

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Anime Gaming Underground

Anime Gaming Underground

Anime & Gaming Underground is a social club where people who are interested in animation, Japanese anime, animation/anime card games (such as: Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh), roll playing games, and video/computer games can hang out and have fun.

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