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ENT 4499 Culmination Project FA 2021 – SP 2022

Ryoya Terao
ENT 4499|Fall 2021

The senior thesis project, utilizing skills in an innovative way to develop a project that relates to the entertainment industry. Projects are developed through courses in the entertainment technology and/or […]

mtech-3230-mixed-reality-for-immersive-worlds, FA2021

Sky Rolnick
MTEC3230|Fall 2021

This course will explore the new frontier of virtual, augmented and mixed reality across different market sectors. Students will experiment with designing and developing game-based and interactive projects […]

MTEC 3175, Experimental Game Design & Development, Fall 2020

MTEC 3175, Experimental Game Design & Development, Fall 2020

Sam Levine
MTEC3175|Fall 2020

This hands-on studio course will focus on the creation of innovative workable prototypes exploring expressive forms of gameplay using a variety of multi-media approaches, methodologies and materials. The […]

ENG1121 WritingContexts, FA2019

ENG1121 WritingContexts, FA2019

Jacquelyn Blain

This second term composition course looks at how writers put texts into conversation with other texts., and how we can write in multiple rhetorical situations.

MTEC 1101 Emerging Media Foundation, SP18

MTEC 1101 Emerging Media Foundation, SP18

Entertainment T...|MTEC 1101|Spring 2018

This course is an introduction to emerging, interactive multi-media technology with a focus on interdisciplinary, project-based, cooperative learning. Students will be immersed in the protocols and processes of […]