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Professor Carmen Montoya
Entertainment T...|MTEC3140|Spring 2015

In order to become innovative and daring technological leaders in your chosen fields, it is imperative each of you develop a broad understanding of the economic, social, and cultural forces shaping emerging […]

ENT 3290 Digital Video Camera

Ryoya Terao
ENT 3290|Spring 2015

This is an intermediate level course in the effective use of camera and lighting in video production expanding on the concepts learned in ENT 2290. Topics covered include lens selection, lighting techniques, image […]

MTECH1005 Tangible Media FA2015

MTECH1005 Tangible Media FA2015

Entertainment T...|MTEC1005|Fall 2015

The goal of this course is to let students experiment and create electronic circuits and 3D prints. The class is divided into two main topics: Electronics and 3D Printing. Each topic while have several modules. […]

ADV 2450 Monday 8:30am-11am, Fall 2014

Marianna Trofimova
Communication D...|ADV 2450|Fall 2014

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Professor Adrianne Wortzel
Entertainment T...|MTEC2125|Fall 2013

Through the examination of the earliest gestures of cave drawings to sophisticated multimedia narratives, students study the ingredients and structures necessary for compelling storytelling. Observing the linear […]

ENT3390 Sound for Multimedia Spring 2014

Entertainment T...|ENT3390|Spring 2014

ENT 3390 Sound for Multimedia Spring 2014

Introduction to Film and Video Production

Introduction to Film and Video Production

Professor Adrianne Wortzel
Entertainment T...|ENT1190|Spring 2013

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]