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COMD Communication Design Internship Coordination Site


This site is designed to help you find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor such as an advertising agency, graphic […]

COMD3620 Broadcast Design 1

COMD3620 Broadcast Design 1

Prof. G. Larkins
Communication D...|COMD 3620|Fall 2017

Through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice, stu- dents will learn how to create, produce and edit a digital video project. Topics include: (1) pre-production – creative concept, storyboarding, […]

Type and Media COMD1167

Maya Koenig
Communication D...|COMD1167|Fall 2016

This is a foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a multitude of industry related applications ranging from print to interactive. You will be introduced to principles of type design and […]

COMD3601-D253 Info Design F2018-Fri

COMD3601-D253 Info Design F2018-Fri

Professor Cole
Communication D...|3601|Fall 2018

In this course, students will explore and develop several kinds of information graphics (data graphics, visual explanations, way finding systems) as well as exhibition design. We will touch on the history of info […]

COMD4900_HD96_35370 Internship in COMD Fall2018

COMD4900_HD96_35370 Internship in COMD Fall2018

Communication D...|COMD 4900 |Fall 2018

Internship in Communication Design Assignment to field work/study situations of approximately eight to ten plus hours per week at a graphic arts-related internship site approved by the department internship […]

Graphic Principles 1 ADV 1100 Spring 2015

Desiree Alvarez
Communication D...|ADV 1100|Fall 2015

This hands on mixed media course explores the basic principles of design and develops fluency in the visual lexicon.

COMD3562 UX&UI Design, SP2018

Jerron Smith
Communication D...|COMD 3562|Spring 2018

User Experience (UX) Design is an essential component in developing websites, applications, and any other type of product intended to be used by people. This course examines the leading concepts of […]


Jerron Smith
Communication D...|COMD3551|Fall 2017

Advanced web design is a continuation of ADV2450 Web I, a prerequisite of this course. Students will study, in further detail, HTML and CSS to ensure that they have a solid foundation. It is assumed that students […]

COMD1103 Foundation Drawing, Sp 16_Morning

COMD1103 Foundation Drawing, Sp 16_Morning

Alice Zinnes
Communication D...|COMD1103|Spring 2016

This drawing course introduces basic concepts, tools, techniques and the role of drawing in design, illustration, animation and games. The course will also cover projection systems, plans, elevations, sections, […]