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Professor Carmen Montoya
Entertainment T...|MTEC3140|Spring 2015

In order to become innovative and daring technological leaders in your chosen fields, it is imperative each of you develop a broad understanding of the economic, social, and cultural forces shaping emerging […]

MTEC1003 – Media Computation Skills Lab – Spring 2015

MTEC1003 – Media Computation Skills Lab – Spring 2015

Bree Zuckerman
Entertainment T...|MTEC1003|Spring 2015

This class will cover some basic tools, skills, and best practices that support programming. Topics include source code management, basic front-end technologies (HTML/CSS, JavaScript), Unix command line tools, and […]

MTEC1005 Tangible Media SP2015

Zevensuy Rodriguez
Entertainment T...|MTEC 1005|Spring 2015

The goal of this course is to let students experiment and create electronic circuits and 3D prints. The class is divided into two main topics: Electronics and 3D Printing. Each topic while have several modules. […]

ENT 1190 Introduction to Film and Video Production (Terao) Fall 2015

Ryoya Terao
Entertainment T...|ENT 1190|Fall 2015

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]

MTEC2250 Tangible Media Skills

Zevensuy Rodriguez
Entertainment T...|MTEC2250|Spring 2015

In this course students will spend the semester designing and building a prototype. The class is broken up to 3 sections: 3D Design and Production, Electronics, and PCB design. In the 3D Design section, students […]