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Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology
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I'm interested in gaining my Associate's degree in Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology


Welcome, My name is Nicolas Campbell and I am currently a Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology student at City Tech. I was born and raised in Jamaica and decided to continue my education here in the U.S. I would always be interested in sports as I continued to grow.
My initial experience of design and construction came from the renovation of my own home. I was given an insight into each stage, from the architectural designs to the final construction. This left me with unanswered questions such as what prevented a building from collapsing or how I can access clean water from pipes. These answers lie in civil engineering.
Fascinated by how infrastructures, that were once design concepts, have become a reality, led me to choose civil engineering as my career path.

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Nicolas yl
Nicolas yl

My Courses

PHYS 1433

PHYS 1433

This is the first of a two-semester sequence of algebra-based physics course that is the foundation to further studies in engineering and technology. The first semester introduces students to concepts and principles of classical mechanics and thermodynamics. Topics include kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion and universal gravitation, work and energy, rotational motion, vibrations, fluids, heat and laws of thermodynamics. Computer-based laboratory component of the course illustrates and supplements the lecture material.

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Architecture Club

Architecture Club

For over 30 years the Architecture Club has been one of the most influential clubs on City Tech’s campus. Each semester students and club members’ gain valuable knowledge from speakers who are invited to come and share their architectural experiences with the club. However, class lectures are no substitute for the personal, eye opening experiences that a field trip can bring.

Citytech E-Sports Club

Citytech E-Sports Club

The Citytech E-Sports club is a community that bring students together who have an interest in competitive gaming and gaming in general. The club aims to build a community where students can socialize, compete and express their passion for gaming and the competitive side to it. Members will be in a friendly environment where games are brought to a competitive level, being able to learn from each other, sharing strategies and developing new knowledge. The club also seeks to be able to compete at collegiate competitions at a national level. Other plans include hosting local prized gaming tournaments in the school itself. We meet every Thursday 12:45 – 2:15 PM in the Voorhees Building room V-321 Got any questions? Email us at Facebook Page: Twitter: Come join our discord :

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