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BIO1101 D032 Lab FA2022

BIO1101 D032 Lab FA2022

This is the openlab course for Biology 1101 Lab. The fundamental principles of biology focus on topics including taxonomy, structure, nutrition, reproduction, heredity, development and evolution. The concepts of molecular biology and DNA fingerprinting using representative plants and animals are introduced. The course also includes the use and care of the microscope.

MTEC 1001 – OLO2 (28057) – Game Design and Media Skills Lab

MTEC 1001 – OLO2 (28057) – Game Design and Media Skills Lab

This 3-hour lab consists of a series of workshops that offer supportive instruction and training in a variety of software programs, digital tools and platforms. These workshops are introductions to the programs and tools for digital imaging, graphics, video, sound, and interactive design. Specifically, students are work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Audition and Unity. The workshops are designed to foster a culture of collaboration and sustainable learning communities. Students are expected to complete a series of guided assignments that cultivate digital skill sets as well as offer conceptual frameworks, which lend themselves to interactive storytelling and game studies. Active participation in class is required as well as timely completion of assignments.

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