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Muhammad Hassan Butt
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Muhammad Hassan Butt
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Computer Systems Technology
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Data Science | Data Engineering | Machine Learning


Equipped with advanced skills in Python, Azure, big data, and data visualization tools like Pandas, Seaborn, and Matplotlib, as well as a deep understanding of machine learning techniques including linear and logistic regression, I bring a comprehensive toolkit to my pursuit of becoming a data engineer. My proficiency in SQL further enhances my ability to handle complex data tasks. I’m truly passionate about data engineering and eager to apply these skills to drive innovation and excel in this dynamic field.

My Courses

CST 2312 Information and Data Management I: Fall 2023

CST 2312 Information and Data Management I: Fall 2023

This course introduces students to the necessary informatics and intellectual tools to become efficient and effective information users. The course covers topics related to digital infrastructure, acquisition, organization, management, and curation of data. The course is structured around the Python tools for regular expression analysis, accessing data sources (crawling, Web APIs), and analysis of structured data. At the end of the class, the students complete a project to demonstrate mastery of the technical topics discussed in class with an application to their domain of interest.

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This project shares what I learned from watching educational videos about computing and how they changed my view of the field. Through this reflection, I hope to show how these videos have influenced my understanding and perspective on technology.

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