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Their are many things I could say about myself. I am a 30 year old college student, whose still trying to find her way in the world just like many others. I graduated from high school in 2000 from Humanities High School in New York. I was uncertain as to what I wanted to do within my life around this time. I went ahead into collage thinking it would be easier to make a decision or be pushed in a certain direction. In making this decision, it seemed right because that is what one is to do after high school, is to attend college. School in my mind was never easy. I always had difficulties in staying focus and being able to complete tasks. After my first three years of collage I felt overwhelmed and taken back by all that I had done. It was a need to pull back and take time off, in order to know what I truly wanted in life. I began to work at places where there could and could not be a future such as working at a movie theater or at fast food locations but was still able to survive. In doing so I realized that these types of jobs where not fulfilling the void I felt after doing so much work in college. I realized that one cannot do much without a degree under ones belt, soon after I went back into college, and received the opportunity to travel and exceed my own expectation by applying for the Disney College Internship Program. I felt rewarded after I received the chance to attend the internship and start my life in a new light. I have learned from different prospective and was able to make connection with people from around the world. In doing so being in such an internship it has taught me to have an open mind with people from different parts of the world and also to imagine the impossible. I had learned that there are many opportunities for many different creative jobs that I can pursue in present time or with in the future. Believing that they are many different ways to achieve ones goals, to be on top and to be able to look at the journey and be proud of all that I have and could achieve, is an amazing feeling.

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WDW College Program

WDW College Program

Internship with the Walt Disney Company, Orlando Florida

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Monique Soden ePortfolio

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