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COMD3701 Design Studio, SP24

COMD3701 Design Studio, SP24

George Garrastegui, Jr
COMD 3701|Spring 2024

Working independently, each student researches, conceptualizes, and develops an in-depth project across media channels, which uses design thinking to address a contemporary issue. ** Any faculty member […]

COMD3504 Communication Design Theory Goetz Fall 23

COMD3504 Communication Design Theory Goetz Fall 23

COMD3504|Fall 2023

An in-depth introduction to communication design theory, this course examines theoretical perspectives of design practice within the larger discourse of design and visual culture. Communication models, the […]

COMD3563 D097 Web Traffic & Analytics, Spring 2024

Noreen Whysel
3563|Spring 2024

In this course you will learn how to develop Internet content and effectively direct traffic to a website. Topics will include implementing Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and Online (Social Media) […]

COMD3562 E093 UX & UI Design, Spring 2024

Noreen Whysel
3562|Spring 2024

User Experience (UX) Design is an essential component in developing websites, applications, and any other type of product intended to be used by people. This course examines the leading concepts of user—centered d […]

Introduction to Video

Introduction to Video

Michael Cannetti
COMD 2320 E011|Fall 2023

This course is an introduction to the basic components and practices of pre-production, production and post production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film. Students will learn the […]